RNA Protien PurificationProtein Sample Preparation

Product #DescriptionPriceUnitInfoProtocol
P4-0013ProteoSpin Total Protein Detergent Clean Up Micro Kit, 20 Preps – 23300£261.50Kit protocol
P4-0014ProteoSpin MAXI Detergent Clean Up Kit, 4 Preps£148.00Kitinfoprotocol
P4-0020ProteoSpin Inclusion Body Isolation Micro Kit, 20 Samples£308.00Kitinfoprotocol
P4-0024ProteoSpin MAXI Inclusion Body Isolation Kit, 4 Preps£167.00Kitinfoprotocol
P4-0026ProteoSpin Urine Protein Concentration Kit, 25 Preps£261.00Kitinfoprotocol
P4-0027ProteoSpin Urine Protein Concentration Maxi Kit, 4 Preps£140.00Kitinfoprotocol
P4-0028ProteoSpin Abundant Serum Protein Depletion Kit, 25 Preps£261.50Kitinfoprotocol
P4-0030ProteoSpin On-Column Proteolytic Digestion Kit, 25 Preps£261.50Kitinfoprotocol
P4-0034Inclusion Body Solubilization Reagent£50.0025ml protocol
P4-0036Inclusion Body Solubilization Reagent£161.00100ml protocol
P4-0038Cell Lysis Reagent£87.50100ml Protocol
P4-0040Cell Lysis Reagent£297.50500ml Protocol
P4-0068ProteoSpin Endotoxin Removal Micro Kit for Proteins and Peptides, 20 Preps£261.50Kitinfoprotocol
P4-0070ProteoSpin Endotoxin Removal Maxi Kit for Proteins and Peptides, 4 Preps£160.00Kitinfoprotocol

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