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Product #DescriptionPriceUnitInfoProtocol
G5-0004UGenius 3 With Filter Drawer & UV Filter£4,553.00Each  
G5-0012GBOX Chemi-XT4 Gel Documentation System£18,678.00Eachinfo 
G5-0040Visible Light Converter, Size 30.5 X 33cm, Novaglo 5£92.00Each  
G5-0146Short Pass Filter 495 - 600nm 7 Position Wheel In GBOX/EF2£357.00Each  
G5-0148Short Pass Filter 495 - 600nm For 7 Position Filter Wheel In GBOX Chemi Systems£649.00Each  
G5-0736FastGene® FAS Digi System incl Camera & Blue/Green Transilluminator£2,984.00Eachinfo 

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