NanoPhotometer® P-Class

How it Works
Sample Compression Technology™

  • Dual Absorption™ of light for ultra sensitivity at low concentrations with minimal sample volumes of 0.3 μl

  • Reliable solution for small volume protein measurements due to independence of sample surface tension; No issues of column formation with low surface tension samples

  • Reproducible results due to contained micro sample environment; Applications expanded to analytes in volatile solvents, such as drugs or other challenging sample types

  • No recalibration or maintenance as optical components and pathlenghts are fixed without drift; Quartz sample surface is scratch resistant, inert, and does not require regular surface reconditioning

Easy Handling

Automatic Sample Dilution
Quick and Easy Clean

• "The NanoPhotometer from Implen is a real workhorse in our lab. The Implen Support team is very responsive and of great help!"
• "The outstanding features of the NanoPhotometer® are the clearly arranged software and the easy handling..."
• "Using very little amount of DNA/RNA samples and the high accuracy are major advantages of this device!"
• "We bought our first NanoPhotometer® from Implen 18 months ago and have been very happy with it ever since."
• "The Nanophotometer® is so easy to use, it is fast and reliable. The flexibility is great..."

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