NanoPhotometer® P-Class Spectrophotometer

Small. Fast. Accurate.
The NanoPhotometer® P-Class is an All-in-One spectrophotometer with proven micro volume (0.3μl) and cuvette performance. Optimized for quantification and purity assessment of nucleic acid and protein samples, the NanoPhotometer® P-Class brings unmatched performance and features in a flexible, compact, and easy to use spectrophotometer.

Features P 300 P 330 P 360
 NanoVolume (0.3μl) Analysis
 Cuvette Capability
 Built-in Vortexer
 Enhanced Keypad
 Large LCD Display
Protein and Antibodies
 Nucleic Acids
 (dsDNA, ssDNA, RNA, Oligo)
 OD600 (Growth Curves)
Built-in Printer
Optional  Optional    
 IQ/OQ Available
12 Months  12 Months  24 Months 

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Product Applications
How the Nanophotometer P Class works

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